SCOTT MX Lens Prospect SNG Works Green Chrome

SCOTT MX Lens Prospect SNG Works

Green Chrome


• Works lenses feature scott's historic technology that enables the rider to use the same lens for both tear offs and roll offs. the do it all lens. thanks to the factory installed works pins, scott roll off systems or tear offs can be easily and quickly mounted and removed depending on the race profile and weather conditions.

• For the larger lens on the new SCOTT Prospect goggles the 4 pins provide more stability for the tear offs. With this system the tear offs will always remain tight to the lens and provide the rider a better vision.

• SCOTT Precision Optics is a quality label which stands for premium materials and innovative manufacturing techniques. This unique combination enables us to offer distortion free, UV protected, high performance lenses of the best quality.

• In order to ensure that riders are safe from the impact of pebbles and flying debbry all SCOTT lenses not only meet, but exceed the required impact resistance standards required for MX lenses.

SKU: 248776-284

€ 29,95

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